A New Design for a New Century

To mark the Centenary of the invention of the Nissen Hut, our founder George Nissen (Peter Norman Nissen's great grandson) has redesigned the hut for the modern world. Identifying the 21st Century demand for convenient home office spaces and spurred on by the timely introduction of permitted development rights in 2015, George developed the Nissen Pod. Primarily designed as a home office they can also be used flexibly to provide the whole family with extra living space.

Designed in George’s London Studio and built in Mark’s original Nissen hut workshop on Cultybraggan Camp, Perthshire the new Nissen Pod is designed specifically for your garden to provide a year round space to work from.

Each Pod is made to order and brought to site as components before being erected in situ, without the need for heavy machinery, in three days. We have designed the pods to be as ecologically friendly as possible using natural and responsibly sourced materials where possible. Our pods can also be dismantled and re-embraced with minimal waste so if you are moving you do not need to leave your office behind. We install our huts nationwide.

Design Features

  • We insulate our pods with 100%  sheep’s wool that has undergone a plasma treatment that makes it inedible to moths etc. while retaining all it’s other natural quality’s without the addition of chemicals
  • The custom made LED light fitting that runs the length of the pod throws a soft light across the curve of the pod giving you a great, energy efficient, general lighting year around
  • Our french doors will let natural light in during the day but due to their shape, size and position should minimize the glare caused by direct sun light

About George Nissen

Founding director, George Nissen, graduated in Interior Architecture at the esteemed Inchbald School of Design in 2011, and went on to set up his own interior architecture design practice based in West London.  He comes from a long and illustrious line of inventors and is the Great Grandson of Peter Norman Nissen, the creator of the original Nissen Hut used in the First and Second World Wars for housing and shelter. One Hundred years on, and recognising a beautiful, sleek design in his Great Grandfather’s huts, George has put his well-honed design skills to great use and updated and improved the original Nissen hut for the modern age.

The new model offers a comfortable, warm and stylish space for your home office. Retaining the distinctive shape, but enhanced with eco-friendly insulation, sleek windows and a wealth of colour and finish options the new Nissen hut will deliver all your home office needs in one beautiful package.

About Mark Lynch

Mark Lynch, studied Industrial Design at the renowned Chelsea School of Art in London with a special interest in furniture. With the knowledge developed during his studies he went on to design control room and banking interiors, before moving into manufacturing and management.

Mark setup his own furniture company in rural Perthshire Scotland where he makes bespoke furniture and the Nissen Pod out of an original Nissen Hut. With over 20 years of manufacturing and supply management Mark has helped refine the manufacturing of the new Nissen Pod, enabling this stylish garden office to be delivered by a single vehicle and erected in three days.

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